Hard Water Spot Removal

Hard Water Spot Removal – Auto Detailing

Every car owner has had to deal with the pain of hard water stains. They’re stubborn and only get worse when exposed to the sun. Try as you might, it can seem impossible to get rid of these pesky stains without the help and cost of professional car detailing, but sometimes that just isn’t an option. The Auto Spa’s mobile detailing prices make this an affordable option. Our mobile detailing pros are here to help you get rid of those annoying hard water stains by detailing your car at home.

Hard Water Stains On Your Car, Truck or SUV:

Hard water stains can occur anytime your car comes in contact with water and is allowed to air dry. For example, if it rains and you parked your vehicle in a place where it is exposed to the elements, fail to dry it off completely with a microfiber towel after you wash it, or even just parked near an automated sprinkler, you can end up with hard water stains with which you will have to contend with. You can work to prevent them from forming by keeping a microfiber cloth in your car to dry it off when wet. You can also help to prevent hard water stains by applying wax to your vehicle after you wash it.

How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains When Handling Your Car Detailing at Home

If you’re handling your car detailing at home on your own, there’s a few things you’ll need to purchase first, like microfiber cloths, remover designed specially for hard water spots, and a high-quality detailing spray. But for an easy and convenient fix, give the pro’s at The Auto Spa – Detailing a call!

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