Odor Removal

Get rid of unwanted smells in your car, truck or SUV with The Auto Spa’s Odor Removal Treatment. Our solutions are safe, effective, powerful and cost-effective. From Smoke smells, sweat odors, to pet odors and more, we’ll get your ride smelling nice and fresh.

Enzyme Treatment

Our Enzyzme Treatment removes stains and sterilizes the interior of your vehicle. This service is most effective after the vehicle has been steam cleaned. Smoke, sporting equipment smells, bacteria growth, hard-to-remove deep spills with odor, etc. Gone for Good!

Hard Water Spot Removal

Rain, water exposure left to dry air can create some tough-to-remove droplet stains. Our hard water spot removal brings back an instant clear shine to your vehicle’s surface. Call our mobile detailing pros to help you get rid of those annoying hard water stains by detailing your car right at your home.

Steam Cleaning

Restore your interior’s natural fibers with a deep cleaning in hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. High temperature steam cleans every surface, and is blown through your ventilation system to remove air contaminants and dust as well. Sanitizes your car’s interior with the Pro’s at The Auto Spa.